Since its establishment, with continuous efforts, Vietnam Star Joint-stock Company – the manufacturer and owner of three brands including G8 Platinum & G8 Paint & iNDU – has been gradually expanding and steadily developing on the market for wood paints and metal paints, through its synchronously deployed and widely spread network of distribution channels.
These achievements were attained thanks to the company’s hard-working, resilient and dedicated management board and staff, together with the support and trust from its partners, distributors, dealerships and consumers throughout the country. The core advantages of Vietnam Star JSC are expressed via its Product Diversity, as well as its increasingly Standardized Quality & Services, to meet the market’s most demanding requirements.
The consistent strategies set forth by the Management Board of Vietnam Star JSC are:

> 1. Assembling the highest-quality materials; applying advanced technological standard and technical process; providing comprehensive and adequate customer service before, during and after sales.

> 2. Ensuring the best policies for the company’s partners, distributors and customers, to achieve mutual benefits and sustainability.

> 3. Providing products that satisfy customer preferences with high durability over time, optimal economic efficiency and environmental friendliness.


> Rising to the status of the Number 1 manufacturer and provider of products – solutions for wood paints and metal paints in Vietnam; positioning the company’s brand as a strong and prestigious enterprise, both domestically and internationally; serving the society for a prosperous community.


> Providing high-quality products that meet European standards; maintaining a professional work force and stable sources of materials.

> Creating luxurious, elegant and modern living spaces thanks to optimal and synchronized solutions; prioritizing the research and development of eco-technological products.

> Serving and spreading good values of the society and community; developing environmental-friendly products; harmonizing the interests of all parties involved.


With its aspiration, effort and perseverance in ensuring and perfecting qualities with maximum resources, the company’s journey always requires each and every member of the staff to be dedicated – resourceful – professional , to spread the quintessence and develop together, to share – cooperate – succeed in the quest for prosperity. This philosophy is concisely expressed by the company’s core value statement: “Prosper Together”.

> Human resource philosophy:
The company is the common home, the assembly of a staff with Vision – Dedication – Prestige . The strength of Vietnam Star JSC comes from the efforts of a group who are equipped with adequate knowledge, qualities and energy.

> Technologies and solutions:
Thanks to the company’s years of experience in the field, together with the cooperation of industry-leading experts in wood paints and metal paints, each and every product is born of modern technologies and globally-integrated manufacturing process.

> Company culture:
The company’s brand is built on Prestige – Trust – Quality . The culture of Vietnam Star JSC is diversely expressed through many forms, but is concisely described in 3 words: Sincerity – Intelligence – Support. .

“With its passion, aspiration and continuous efforts, the company is proud to have been gaining consumers’ trust in product quality, contributing to a lifestyle full of classic and beautiful colors for each family and for the society as a whole.”